Short documentary (20 min.): Going Fair: Bananas in Peru

In February 2015 the short documentary “Going Fair: Bananas in Peru” was finalized. It is based on a fieldtrip by a Dutch student Angelica Kroon to the plantations of organic and Fair Trade bananas in a northern coastal region of Peru, called Sullana in June 2013. The film shares a success story of the exports of the organic and Fair Trade bananas in Peru, which are produced mostly by small farmers. It also discusses the role of the Fair Trade certification in the success of small farmers organizing themselves and becoming more independent from exporting companies.


The film premiere of “Going Fair: Bananas in Peru” will be on May 9th, 2015 on World Fair Trade Day at a Movie and Debate Night, titled “Fair Trade. Close by and Far Away” in the Pauluskerk in Rotterdam, from 18:30-22:30.

Registration for and information about this evening is on Facebook: